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In a land where the Bosphorus kissed the shores of Rumelihisarı, there existed a wondrous place known as "Kiss The Frog." This enchanting eatery, nestled in the heart of the magical waters, held a nostalgic charm that could transport you to a time long ago. Imagine a menu as diverse as the tales of old: there were sushi treasures, pizzas with ink-infused sourdough, homemade pasta dishes of all shapes and sizes, and a bountiful array of sea's delights, both shelled and unshelled. These culinary wonders were accompanied by the most splendid wines and cocktails that could only be described as potions of whimsy. This menu, a magical fusion of experimental, classic, and worldly flavors, was crafted to take diners on a sea adventure they could only dream of. The staff, as warm as the hearth in a fairy's cottage, created an atmosphere that felt like home. Unconcerned with the fleeting trends of the world, this charming little spot stood as a testament to simplicity and contentment. And oh, the smiles! As patrons perused the menu, their faces would light up like stars in the night sky, and they wished, with all their hearts, that this enchantment would never end, from the moment they entered the door until the time they reluctantly departed, hoping for a happily ever after.

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Gül Etker

Growing up in Ankara, life led me to the lovely village of Gümüşlük when I was 25 in 1994, a fresh bride full of dreams. "What a charming fishing village! I'll make it my home," I thought, even though figuring out 'how' was a puzzle. There were limited options: either a fish restaurant or a grocery store 🤓
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Imagine a kitchen where you can find a variety of flavors ranging from pizza to sushi, ceviches, mussel pots, all with the delicious taste of seafood.


In this unique kitchen, all flavors are carefully crafted, giving special attention to local ingredients and our taste preferences.
Our Working Days:

Monday - Sunday

Our Working Hours:

12.00 - 01.00 (The kitchen closes at 22.30.)


We carefully follow what inspires you! We also love your smile 😊 From our Boss, Ms. Gül to everything you're curious about, all the answers are here!

A fantastic place for seafood; the service is excellent, the food is amazing, especially the flounder. We should come back a few more times to try the other dishes on the menu that we couldn't have this time!

Curiousity2346 Tripadvisor

A stylish restaurant located in Rumeli Hisarı, offering a range of alternatives that you won't easily come across in the seafood concept. Belgian-style mussels, turbot tartare, black ink pizza with jumbo shrimp, and many more.

Dünya Dicle Google Reviews

It's a really charming spot by the Bosphorus. They have a beautifully crafted menu. The portions are quite generous, so sharing is advisable. The seafood is absolutely fantastic; vongole, jumbo shrimp, tacos, calamari, tartare... They've created a place that will turn you into a regular customer.

Kerim Tarzi Google Reviews