Kiss the Frog took its name from a fairytale. Even before opening the venue, our dreams were clear when we decided on the name. We embarked on our journey, refusing to become just another repetitive, quickly fading pop culture spot. We envisioned a unique space where our guests would feel at home, where they could dress as they pleased, and where conformity had no place. We set out to explore new flavors through trial and error, making the kitchen’s priority to create dishes using seasonal and local ingredients without compromise. We focused on making both the plates and the ambiance vibrant and joyful, aiming for vivid colors both on the dishes and in the restaurant. We never liked small portions. We wanted the eyes to feast first and then the palate. We might have pushed the limits of the stomach a bit 🐸.

We paid the same attention to our harmonious wine menu accompanying our meals and our exclusive, wild cocktails.

With our service and flavors, we aimed to turn our guests into kings and queens, always striving to see smiles on their faces when they bid farewell. Despite occasional mistakes, our team worked tirelessly to bring back those cheerful smiles. If there was a way, we were programmed to respond to every request.

In our ninth year now, we still find the same joy in welcoming you with our classic recipes and unwavering smiles. We hope to stay here for many more years, welcoming both familiar faces and newcomers alike.

A fantastic place for seafood; the service is excellent, the food is amazing, especially the flounder. We should come back a few more times to try the other dishes on the menu that we couldn't have this time!

Curiousity2346 Tripadvisor

A stylish restaurant located in Rumeli Hisarı, offering a range of alternatives that you won't easily come across in the seafood concept. Belgian-style mussels, turbot tartare, black ink pizza with jumbo shrimp, and many more.

Dünya Dicle Google Reviews

It's a really charming spot by the Bosphorus. They have a beautifully crafted menu. The portions are quite generous, so sharing is advisable. The seafood is absolutely fantastic; vongole, jumbo shrimp, tacos, calamari, tartare... They've created a place that will turn you into a regular customer.

Kerim Tarzi Google Reviews



Güzel bir Haziran günü kapılarımızı açtık


Neler istediğinizi epey anladık, yaratıcılığımıza yön bulduk


Yeni üreticileri takip ederek, şarap menümüzü geliştirmeye önem verdik


Bar’da da rahat durmadık, imza kokteyller ile vazgeçilmezler yarattık


Çok partiledik & danslar ettik, çok eğlendik


Pandemi başımıza gelince sizin eve gelmeyi akıl ettik


Pes etmemek ne kadar doğruymuş öğrendik.


Türkiye’ye gelir gelmez Michelin’imizi kaptık


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